While generally thought of as carrying item for school, trekking, or travel, backpacks turn out to be an increasingly well-known a way for modern men to carry around their day-to-day necessities. In this modern times, backpacks come in great variety of styles and sizes and more and more designers and brands are creating them since their popularity is growing each day. It is great for people with certain tastes or a desire to fit their process of carrying items each day with their special backpack.

Searching for best backpacks for men is not an easy task, as there are several different aspects that need to be examined before. The most significant advantage of the expanded diversity of backpacks in the word of everyday carry is the variety of affordable well-designed-bags. We are here to advise you about best backpacks for men on the market. There is a huge chance that someone’s already made what you want and you just have to discover it, whether you wanted something that is extremely high-end of the spectrum or super affordable. Our review team does all the investigation so you can get the best backpacks for men on the market.

Following backpacks is our choice for the best backpacks for men in 2017.

JanSport Right Pack

JanSport brand is probably the most broadly familiar backpack out there and for very good reason. Their backpacks aren’t made of the top quality materials available in the marketplace, but their design is more than reliable for the exceedingly affordable price you pay. You will not find a couple of different specific compartments, but it will not cost you that much, either.

This model comes with different colors that can be ordered and can be rated in best backpacks for men category, as the cheap and reliable backpack.

Carhartt Legacy Classic Work Pack

Carhartt Legacy Classic Work Pack is a shockingly cheap backpack with pretty amazing value. Carhartt is a well-known brand. It got 1200 denier polyester construction and main compartment with dedicated tablet sleeve and laptop pocket. These bags offer so much more quality and features for their low price.

This model can be bought with brown or black color and it’s among cheapest bags in our best backpacks for men category.



The North Face Vault

The North Face offers a few very good less-ruggedized choices and they are known for making outdoor equipment. These backpacks got a polyester construction, Excellent for the everyday commuter, The FlexVent™ delay system offers Compression-molded shoulder straps. Got iron-clad design features, large main zip compartment floating, 15″ laptop padded sleeve and front side compartment features. Backpack got increased visibility, with its adorned with 360 degrees of webbing and reflective tabs.

This model can be bought with blue aster emboss/Banff blue collar and in our category best backpacks for men, it’s rated as a comfortable, durable and flexible backpack.


Herschel Supply Co. Nelson

Herschel classic backpack comes with signature striped lining providing a tablet or fleece-lined laptop sleeve. Nelson backpack got a modern shape, you can access its front pocket easily, and you will have plenty space for your electronic accessories. If you still want a bit of refinement and don’t need any special features, then this is definitely the backpack for you.

This backpack can be bought with army/black, black/black rubber, cadet blue/carrot and in many more colors. In our best backpacks for men category, it is more expensive than average backpacks, but the cost is justified because of its great design and durability.


Fjallraven – Kanken 15″

It is updated version of Fjallraven’s classic Kanken bag. This model contains in the main compartment padded laptop pocket, document sleeve, small pocket in which you can put any small items that you want to easy access to, like a flashlight, multi-tool, pens or otherwise and you can carry this pack in comfort with shoulder straps and webbed top handles.

Comes in black, royal blue, forest green and in many other colors. In our best backpacks for men category, this one is best for carrying your laptop.


Patagonia Arbor Pack 26L

Another great backpack from Patagonia company that specializes in hiking style gear. Arbor pack is styled similarly to a mountaineering rucksack and is great day-to-day friendly bag. Offers up an amazing 26 liters of storage, its recycled polyester backpack is a lot less cumbersome and well toned-down. If you want to take this bag out on the trails, it provides a laptop sleeve.

Comes in grades green, monarch orange, navy blue and in other colors. In our category of best backpacks for men, this one is good looking, got great design and its very versatile backpack.

Topo Designs Rover Pack

Rover pack is made in the USA and its build with top quality materials. It is built with 1000d Cordura fabric outer with cloth liner coated pack and dimensions are

11″w x 18″h x 5″d. This bag is water-resistant, got inner laptop sleeve and two side pockets for holding extra items. Rover pack comes with forest red, olive, red navy and in many other colors and it will meet both the countryside and city needs.

In our best backpacks for men category, this one is best for all weather conditions, especially when it’s raining, since it is water-resistant, so you don’t need to worry.

Camelbak H.A.W.G Mil Spec Antidote Hydration Backpack

This backpack got enough options for carrying and still have a sleek, simple style that doesn’t cause a lot of attention and we rate that huge carry ability high in our best backpacks for men section. The great thing about this pack is its versatility and dimensions. Some backpacks are either too short and boxy or too tall and narrow. Then some bags look too busy with unnecessary loops and straps or are too basic with no good enough loops/straps.

When you get this backpack, the first thing you will notice is how light it is. You will love Velcro keepers on every strap of this pack and it has a lot of little options that form up an outstanding pack. It comes with a waist belt that is removable and on the bottom of the pack has loops for connecting additional gear.

Camelbak backpack comes with black, coyote and multi-cam colors and in our best backpacks for men category, this one is well constructed tall and narrow bag, great for hiking and camping.

Kelty Redwing 44

Kelty Redwing 44 is very versatile. It’s comfortable and lightweight enough to excel on trekking, hiking trips, rock climbing, short backpacking trips, cross country skiing and it will even work for your bike commute.We are rating those attributes very high in our best backpacks for men section. The Redwing surprised out testers in its overall performance on climbing approach hikes when packed down with gear. Its low profile and sleek helped us to handle heinous bushwhacks, and fit stylistically in with different climbing packs. Make sure that the hip belt fits you comfortable before buying it.


This Redwing has more additional pockets when compared to other packs in the review. It is less adapted for more adapted for convenient travel on foot and less adapted for airport travel. This design comes with less accessory straps and it’s incredibly close to a backpacking pack, so it’s safer to go in the airport through luggage claim carousel system.

Kelty Redwing 44 comes with black and caper colors and in our best backpacks for men section, this one is multipurpose backpack used mostly when going adventures and international travel.

Osprey Farpoint 55

The Osprey Farpoint 55 does very well in outdoors and looks like backpacking pack. It is very comfortable but the suspension is rugged, it is easily stored behind a sturdy zippered flap for transport in the airlines, making it the best choice for international travel. It comes with a detachable daypack that is very comfortable, and it then makes your pack all in one baggage piece. When you disconnect the large pack from the day pack, it’s too large to be carried on, and this could be an excellent function. When moving through international airports, it’s nice to be light when on your feet. The Farpoint 55 was surprisingly great to use and complemented us on the surprisingly wide range of activities. The best function is the detachable day pack on the Osprey Farpoint 55. Its great design and very useful for travel. You can just throw down the pack and unzip the daypack when you arrive at your location and you are free and light to travel around the city. The main features within that day pack are also great: there is a small padded sleeve to shield your laptop, small but useful pockets and a small zippered pocket for your electronic accessories, like a tablet, safe and padded.

You can hold up to 1 liter of the Nalegen water bottle on backpack external mesh water bottle slots.


For some people, it makes more sense to have a modular pack which can be separated into one personal item and one carry-on. There was a big disagreement among our testers since the main pack is not carry on size. When our testers were on their feet in the airport, they preferred to have a light backpack, because it was irritating and tiring to wait long security lines with all that baggage on your back. It is just simpler to toss your sharp stuff and toiletries into a checked bag instead of measuring out your own hair shampoo and combining it with your bag, which would alert the TSA X-Ray guards. Based on where you are, the fact of the matter is that you just cannot check the main pack and that can be aggravating or maybe thats not issue for you. If you don’t care about airport travel then you can skip this backpack and get Kelty Redwing 44 bag that we examined in this page.

This Farpoint 55 travel backpack comes in jasper red, Caribbean blue, and volcanic gray colors and in our best backpacks for men category, its excellent traveling backpack, great durability and proven

well in rugged terrain.

Osprey Porter 46

The Osprey Porter 46 is simple to pack and equally simple to unpack, and that makes trips through international airport security a breeze. It looked cumbersome and bulky when we checked this pack for the first time. It is more be like and squat like than other packs, but we didn’t find this to be a problem for us. Travel backpack like this Porter is an excellent all-around, most relevant to the reluctant or vagabonding business person. Osprey Porter 46 is a rugged duffel backpack for hauling and trekking gear, and it covers more ground than when you deploy it with technical suspension. When we heard that people were referring to it as a duffel bag, we were surprised, because it felt so natural and comfortable as a backpack.


This one belongs among the best comfortable packs in the review and that’s why it deserves to be in our best backpacks for men category. It has outstanding load lifter straps that move the pack in closer along the shoulders and that it helps to center your weight over hips. The rigid foam back section adjusts the back well. Most purposes were supportive enough with the hip belt, but we were not amazed at it. The webbing on the hip belt is broad enough that gives support if pads are not perfect, and padding seats will be over your iliac crest if you are under about 38 inches. That stiff foam on the back panel that we talked about, is very thin, so you need to be very careful not to get anything awkwardly shaped or sharp right next to your pack. We tucked our clothing very easy into the bottom part of the bag and the pack softly contoured our backs. In this 46 liter bag, we could pack plenty clothing, since it’s pretty big backpack. It is pleasant on long hikes and walks. We have discovered this pack to be comfy, properly balanced up to 35 pounds. We usually favor packs with laptop sleeves near to our backs, as it helps to reduce shoulder pressure by having heavy, compacted items close to your center of balance, rather than weight pulling back and out from your center.


The Porter 46 got laptop sleeve outside of the pack, which we immediately assumed that would be a big problem. When we were testing this backpack, we didn’t have any discomfort because pocket that was holding our electronics was outside of the pack.

It is light supportive and compact, overall it has a good suspension system. This backpack can be used for most travel purposes, longer treks and for day hikes. This backpack got a lot of useful features placed into a simple easy to use design. We had our doubts when we left our laptop outside of the pack in laptop sleeve, but it worked out quite well at the end. That outer sleeve was very handy. Got superb padding for electronics and a huge range of useful pocket sizes. There is an extra small outer pocket for small items that you can put it during hike or travel.

You can buy this backpack with black, hoodoo red or nitro green colors. In our best backpacks for men category, we can sort this backpack as affordable, very lightweight, durable and great for a broad range of adventures.

Tortuga Travel Backpack – 44 Liter

Tortuga Travel Backpack is superb travel specific backpack. Backpack features are very made for travel and for the adventurous person that travels a lot. It is an exceptional bag for the adventurous person that is searching for a travel backpack that can be used for town meetings with reducing comfort in transit. This backpack is less flexible than other bags we reviewed, but its very thoughtful one. If your life consists of constant travel then this is a great pack. It is costly, but if its features fit your needs, you will be surprised.


This travel backpack is very comfy and this was the main reason why we suggest you buy this backpack. This pack is so comfy that no other sleep pack with a hip belt can compete, so we started our testing with a distinctive skepticism. We loaded this backpack with 45 lbs of weight, stuffing it with all our items and then we carried it around. The first time we tested with 25 pounds and after with 45 pounds. At 25 pounds, we didn’t feel any weight on our shoulders, weight was evenly allocated around hips. The backpack was very light and comfortable on 25 pounds and on 45 pounds it was light and comfortable also but little heavier with additional 20 extra pounds on it, but still amazing. This backpack matched our backs and hips more than some hiking packs that we owned in the past.


The Tortuga Backpack is not designed for the gym, business travel, and the office but it’s great for travel. It is excellent for weekend trips, hostel-hopping, urban travel, but it’s not a very versatile backpack. This backpack got padded compartment made for your laptop, acquirable by „sneak access“ on the top, or by the main compartment, which makes it very easy to go through the security checks in the airport.

Any extra bulk is comprised by the flaps that buckle on your clothing in the main compartment, and if you are sometimes losing items like toothpaste and socks, there are zippered mesh pockets, to keep them safe. Front of backpack got a pocket for flat items, you can fit the tablet in but it’s not recommended. This pack got on each of the hip belts, two side pockets in which you can put crucial items like your id and passport. You can carry this backpack around like a briefcase because entire suspension system zips it all easily. This backpack got two strong handles that can endure tugging and tossing.

This backpack is available only with black color. In our best backpacks for men category, this backpack is great for extended carry through towns, airports and it’s very comfortable.